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Who is Richard Mitchell?

Richard has 8 years of experience as a youth corrections officer & youth social work; he is a hard-working, dedicated, and trustworthy 39-year-old father of 5 ranging in ages from 7 to 17. He enjoys playing baseball, walking the family pup (Kobe), and watching movies with the family. He has recently graduated from Legal Office Administration and is now an official graduate of the diploma program in Public Relations from Conestoga College.

Richard was born in January 1983 to a stay-at-home mother of 4 (he is 3rd of all boys) & a Father who was at that time a 10-year veteran Cst. of the Peterborough Police Service who had left policing in or around (but not related too) Richards birth, and shortly returned to policing after that as the youngest Police Chief in Ontario’s history with the Mitchell Police Service (now O.P.P.). Richard had a, what was on the surface, very loving, caring, and supportive upbringing within his upper-middle-class family. It wasn’t until 1994-95 while living in Paris after his father had accepted the position of Chief of Police there 5 years earlier, that his parents decided to separate and that his real struggles then began; in the end, he was just a young boy trying to become the man he thought he needed to be. This is when things started to become really interesting for him…

As mentioned earlier, Richard is the 3rd of 4 boys all of which grew up with extremely different upbringings throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and in Richards’s case the early 90’s; mainly due to the polarizing differences in his parent’s personalities, parenting abilities and just overall parenting styles. Now just imagine for a moment, being a kid in the ’90s, growing up in the small town of Paris with THE Chief of Police as your Father & living in your very own house; this alone caused Richard great anxiety, stress, and issues amongst his peers and his siblings to say the least.

Richards’s older brothers Corey and Warren are 6 and 11 years older than him respectively and treated him like any other old brothers did; they bullied the crap out of him, but in a loving way! It wasn’t until when Richard’s parents separated he was subsequently and forcibly by his Mother (under false pretenses) then divided from his older brothers; despite not liking where he was, he was however with his younger brother Christopher, born boxing-day 1989, so being happy with that he now felt it was his duty to protect his younger brother from whatever life was about to throw their way…

Richard was now thrust into the older brother position, for what was in his mind, the foreseeable future, and if that wasn’t hard enough to deal with or wrap his head around he then quickly learned he was now dealing with and/or responsible for an alcoholic, promiscuous, and an overall irresponsible Mother as a young 9/10-year-old kid.

Richard spent the better part of the next three years taking care of his then-toddler brother, seemingly equally useless alcoholic Mother, and their three-bedroom townhouse. Over these three years, Richard not only witnessed things no child should, for example, many men coming in and out of the house, but he also experienced things first-hand no child should ever think of let alone see like inappropriate physical conduct by his Mother. It wasn’t until the age of 12 he was able to move to Branchton with his Father and girlfriend at that time that Richard was able to start the healing process and truly started to become the young man he is today…!

Richard is currently working on his diploma in Public Relations at Conestoga College with a Fall 2022 graduation; as well as writing his autobiography – hopefully, published summer of 2025.

Thank you for the read and hope you look forward to more…!

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