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“It’s not what you make it’s what you leave” – Russell. J. Mitchell

This is a quote of my grandfathers that I apply to every situation in my life, try it out!

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3 Commonly Misunderstood Stigmas Surrounding the use of Cannabis…

#1 – “Doesn’t it make you tired and lazy..?” No it actually doesn’t, that’s on you… Basically the long and short of it here is understanding your body, your surroundings, and any extenuating circumstances (food/sleep or lack thereof) that may need to be taken into consideration along with when, where, and what strain to consume.Continue reading “3 Commonly Misunderstood Stigmas Surrounding the use of Cannabis…”

Dr. Dre Music Moment

This albums release was hugely successful in 1999/2000 and even more importantly it was amazingly influential among my friends & overall age group (teenager at that time); its unique sound and controversial lyrics made it something we all wanted. I chose this album simply for its nostalgic attributes and the fact its still one ofContinue reading “Dr. Dre Music Moment”

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