3 Commonly Misunderstood Stigmas Surrounding the use of Cannabis…

#1 – “Doesn’t it make you tired and lazy..?”

No it actually doesn’t, that’s on you… Basically the long and short of it here is understanding your body, your surroundings, and any extenuating circumstances (food/sleep or lack thereof) that may need to be taken into consideration along with when, where, and what strain to consume. I know personally how to “couch lock” myself if needed but wouldn’t do that on a Tuesday morning right before a 9 a.m. class thus I know my limits and am living within them; when I want to of course.

If you can’t function high, maybe you should delay your indulgence until you complete your most important tasks. Not only will this rev up your productivity, it’ll also save you a lot of money.

– Source – (Cannabis isn’t making you lazy, your bad habits are – Dante Jordan – 10-Feb-2010)

#2 – “Doesn’t it make you stupid..?”

Again, no it doesn’t necessarily mean that at all…. Some of the most brilliant minds such as Oliver Sacks, Carl Sagan, Steve Jobs, and yes, even Bill Gates have all openly admitted to consuming cannabis at some point in their lives (note – some more heavily and/or regularly then others) & I’d like to think we’d all agree that these people are all “not stupid”

Cannabis has a negative impact on cognition; however, the current body of research literature does not provide evidence of significant, long-term effects due to cannabis use.”

– Source – (Cannabis use and cognitive dysfunction – Indian J Psychiatry. 2011 Jul-Sep)

#3 – “Isn’t it as bad for your lungs as smoking cigarettes…?”

You may actually be surprised, I know I was & not only with the below articles/video but as a former cigarette smoker & asthmatic (don’t ask) I can tell you first handily that the cigarette smoke was far more adverse on my throat/lungs the cannabis is to this day…(11+ years no cigarettes; you can do IT too.

A recent comment said that prevention and cessation are the two principal strategies in the battle against tobacco. At present, there is no battle against cannabis and no clear public health message.

– Source – (Comparing cannabis with tobacco – John A Henry)

Other methods such as eating, vaping, & of course the good ol’ classic bong riping

Other options can be for health benefits (i.e. vape vs joint), personal preference (I prefer joints), or due to lack of available resources (i.e. papers, filters, scissors etc.); anyway you feel most comfortable consuming is exactly how you should…

Bonus Footage & Information…

How to roll the slowest & most even burning joint…

What are the cannabis laws in Canada?

Video courtesy Nicholas Wansbutter (wansbutter.com) & “Don’t Talk TV”

Can the smell of cannabis be grounds for Police to search your vehicle…?

Video courtesy Nicholas Wansbutter (wansbutter.com) & “Don’t Talk TV”

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