5 Ways PGC Basketball engages their athletes with their socials….


Photo courtesy Twitter.com/PGCbasketball

This is one of the most prevalent factors to the success of PGC Basketball’s social media presence that I noticed. The fact that they are posting weekly, every other day, and in most cases even daily; whether it’s from their Instagram right through to their Twitter account, only furthers this point. As you can see from their Twitter bio for example, “Point Guard Master Class on November 21 – 24 at 7pm” they are keeping it current thus appealing to their audience. As one of their followers, I can honestly tell you that I truly appreciate their regular daily posts, and am looking forward to their overall growth but more specifically as a life building organization for todays basketball enthusiasts all around the globe.



Photo of Micah Mills courtesy PGC Basketball

PGC Basketball takes great pride in their staff as a unit and as individuals whom all seem to have a certain quality or level of happiness & friendliness that is truly like non-other. As you can see from their YouTube channel they are very well spoken, pleasant to listen too, well versed, and are extremely welcoming to any and all people from all walks of life; all while having a beaming smile and friendly demeanour. Whether it’s interacting with their athletes on the court, in the classroom or it’s via zoom the PGC Team remains positive, out spoken, and willing to help whoever they can, however they can, and truly inspires their athletes to improve upon themselves on & off the court.


Staff photo courtesy of PGC Basketball

When it comes to PGC Basketball and their team of coaches such as Craig Nickel, Kyle Koszuta, and of course their President Mano Watsa all’s you really need to do is read their bio’s to understand that their level of expertise is 2nd to none; okay maybe they are second to one other coach, Dick Devenzio – founder of Point Guard Basketball Camp (PGC). In short, the entire coaching staff have pro, semi-pro, and/or college/university experience either as a coach and/or players so that has to mean then they know what they are talking about, right?…of course it does because after all, they are exceptional teachers.

Educational – “on & off the court…”

Video courtesy PGC Basketball

As you can see from the above video PGC Basketball believe in teaching their athletes as much if not more off the court as they do on it & it’s for reasons like this, along with many other examples like it that truly separate PGC Basketball from the rest in my opinion.

“I was blown away by the level of teaching my son received. I immediately sensed that he has a higher confidence in himself as a basketball player, a leader, and a communicator.”

Billy Lange Head Coach, Saint Joseph’s University | Former Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach

Remains Relevent…

Photo courtesy PGC Basketball

PGC Basketball is able to achieve this throughout their social media accounts by posting for example, videos like this via Twitter; introducing their partnership with NBA’s Enes Kanter, and by their appealing products to their athletes such as their summer camps featuring Kanter. Another example of how PGC Basketball is able to do this on & off the court is by having guest coaches such Jeremy Lin come in & only exemplify, promote, and teach their core values. Other notables who have attended PGC Basketball is Kristi Toliver, Monica Wright, and non-other then Kitchener Ontario’s own Jamal Murray

Photo courtesy PGC Basketball


If you take a look at PGC Basketball’s Twitter & Instagram vs. Mano Watsa’s (president) Twitter & Instagram you will clearly notice that they are very similar in many, if not most ways; it is for this reason that I find it exceptional and remarkable that they’ve been able to do this considering todays forever changing social media landscape and the difficulties that follow. Mano and his team at PGC Basketball are very well attune with one another and their socials which only transfers down to their athletes and their teachings.

EVEN more bonus… A video….

And while doing my research into PGC Basketball & more specifically, Mano Watsa, I came across this audition tape for his “Oh Henry” commercial; not sure why this didn’t make the cut but maybe I am just bias 😉

Video courtesy YouTube.com

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